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We use being a small business to our advantage and really give our clients as little or as much creative input as required. Want a promotional video but don’t know where to begin? We have plenty of fantastic ideas and inspiration to stir up a great plan. Know what you want and want it done at a professional standard? Discuss exactly what you want with us and we’ll make your dreams a reality!


Having experience making narrative, documentary and promotional films, we have a passion for creativity, helping our clients bring their ideas to life.

From businesses to wedding videos, we can create films for any sector, working to any budget. 



Using film is now the most effective way of promotion. Using film you not only increase your click rate on social media but also drive more traffic to your website.

Whether you need a promotional film, a rebrand video or a new product launch, we will help your brand stand out from the rest.  Making sure that you can engage with your ideal customers and drive sales!

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Intensify your online presence by creating a professional film to show off your property.


Using video has been proven to increase client engagement while helping you expand your reach and promoting your real estate business in ways you never thought possible.

Whether you have new builds or holiday rentals, using film will increase your online presence, create exposure and help drive up sales.

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Having spent many years participating in various sports we are confident taking on new challenges and getting ourselves into extreme situations. 

We can help grow your business within the sports industries by creating exciting and engaging content. 

If you're looking for that next sponsorship deal, we can create purpose driven content that can show off your skills. 



At White Edge Media we aim to never say no. Delivering high quality content to our clients is something we strive to do. 

Whether you need a video for in house training, product demonstrations, recruitment purposes, company updates, or an 'about us' film, we can create content that is exciting and easy to share.


We help a range of businesses achieve their goals, from individuals and start ups to corporations. 



Whether we’re working with our clients to develop the creative route of a project, or collaborating with marketing and branding agencies, we strive to get the best ideas in front of the camera.

We will meet with you and discuss what style of film you would like, we will then create a plan for the shoot and discuss the final details.


The most exciting part! 

Using 4k cameras we can capture your ideas. Delivering stunning content whether it's for  promotion, corporate or documentary, we can bring any story to life. 


This is where the magic really happens. 

We offer a full range of post-production services, including editing, sound design, colour grading and compositing. The editing team work closely with clients to ensure the narrative, pace and mood of the film matches the original brief and strategy.


When the post production is complete we will send you the final product!

We will deliver your film in multiple formats allowing you to fully utilise social media and gain exposure with your new film. 



Social Media

30 Seconds - 2 Minutes

A basic complete film

Filming and Editing


1 Round of Amends





30 Seconds +

Longer Length Film

Filming and Editing


2 Rounds of Amends





Depends on the project.

We do the filming, you do the editing!


Footage ready to edit.





Depends on the project.

Send us your pre shoot footage and we'll edit it together!

Colour grading and sound design can be included.



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