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Videography Process

Initial Consultation

Once we've made contact, we will meet with you and discuss your video needs. In this meeting, we'll explain the videography process and develop your ideas.

Planning - (Pre-production)

Film Meeting Pre Production

Also known as 'Pre Production', this is the stage where we can create a script, storyboards, plan locations and schedule all the elements needed for your film. 


Whether you have the full script for your film or only an initial idea, we can help create and script your film.

If your idea is already well developed, then we can schedule the filming and get straight to the exciting part.

Filming - (Production)

Arri Camera Filming

Filming is the activity of making a film including the acting, directing, and camera shots.​

We will work with you to schedule the day(s) needed for filming. 

During this day we will work through the planned shots (also known as the shot list) and capture your video. 

Throughout the day we will film as much coverage as possible to give us and you more choice in the edit, ensuring we can create the best film possible. 

Editing - (Post-production)

Davinci Resolve Video editing

This is where the magic really happens and is the most important part of filmmaking.

Editing is the process and manipulating and rearranging footage to create a story. Editing is one of the key elements to post production.


After we've completed filming, we will head back to the office and download all of the footage. 

We use industry-standard software to edit together your film. 

Sound Design - (Post-production)
Sound Desinger Luke Blatchford

Sound design is the process of recording, acquiring, manipulating or generating audio elements.


Sound makes up 50% of any video.


Sound is often forgotten about in videography work, but again, it's hugely important. 

Once the editing is completed we will begin adding various sounds to the edit, this can be anything from sound effects, voice-overs and music.

Colour Grading - (Post-production)
Davinci Resolve

Colour grading is the process of improving the colours of the video. There are many stages to this process and they involve adjusting the contrast, saturation, detail, noise and much more to the videos data.


Colours are used to create emotions, meaning we film in a flat format giving us more range within the colour grade. This means the colours look desaturated and it allows us to then correct and exaggerate the colours for the story, creating the particular style and mood for your video.

Final Delivery

The final step!

We will send your video over in multiple formats, ensuring you will get the highest quality film possible enabling you to share it however you like. 

We will send a version for your Website, Facebook page, and Instagram page. But if you need any other versions, let us know and we can do this for you. 


Once we have sent over your final video, the next step will be to market your video to ensure it gets the exposure it deserves. We can help at this point from Facebook, Ads, Google Ads and advise you on a marketing strategy. 

This helps your video gain thousands of views and increase that company presence

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