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Terms and Conditions
Photography and Videography


The following terms and conditions are set out to help all parties be aware of and clear about the services provided for their wedding day and the responsibilities of all parties involved. Weddings are filmed/photographed as they happen with no retakes normally possible. It is this spontaneity that makes them so special and memorable.


Pre-event consultation
- The parties agree to a pre-event consultation before the wedding date (meeting, via video chat, or phone call) in order to finalise the actual shooting times and locations.


- The details of the wedding arrangements are to be agreed beforehand in writing (email is acceptable). The Client shall notify the filmmaker/photographer of any changes to these details (venue, times, or contact details) as soon as possible in writing.


Placing an Order and Receipt of Goods
- All wedding orders will take approximately twelve weeks to complete. The Client(s) will be informed by either telephone or in writing once the order is ready and available for collection.

- A non-refundable deposit of £250 confirms your booking of the desired package and is deductible from the package price with the balance due 2 months before the wedding date. Dates are reserved only when this fee is paid. Please make cheques payable to William Michael Evans. Any payments made by PAYPAL incur a charge of 3% extra. An unconditional refund policy exists for a period of 14 days from receipt of this contract and payment. Once passed this booking fee is non-refundable. Failure to pay balance by due date will be taken as an indication of cancellation of booking, with loss of booking fee.

-Dates are reserved only when the booking fee is paid. Upon signature of booking agreement White Edge Media reserves the time and date agreed upon, and will not make any other reservations for that time and date. For this reason, all booking fees are non-refundable, even if the date is changed or wedding cancelled for any reason.

-BALANCE PAYMENT: The remaining balance payment is to be made no later than 2 months prior to the Wedding Date. Payment for additional album photographs, prints & frames is made after the wedding at the time of ordering.

- All cancellations must be in writing (email or letter).
- In the event of the client cancelling a booking for wedding photography or videography White Edge Media reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee in accordance with the following scale:
-Cancellation of a wedding shoot at less than 8 weeks’ incurs no refund (including all subcontractors booked).  -Cancellation at less than 10 weeks’ notice will incur a 40% refund.

Should, for whatever reason, we need to cancel there will be a 90% refund of all monies paid which is the limit of any liability on the part of White Edge Media.

Should the cancelled wedding turn out to be a postponement, then at the discretion of White Edge Media and subject to availability, monies other than the booking fee may be applied to the new wedding. White Edge Media, strongly advises all clients to purchase wedding insurance cover, to cover the resulting costs due to cancellation or date change. Please note cancellations will only be accepted in writing and must be signed by either the bride or groom.

- All standard wedding packages and additional goods specified on the booking form are supplied at the prices ruling on the date of booking. Goods not specified on the booking form are supplied at the prices ruling at the time of receipt of the order.

-International travel and distant weddings will incur additional costs at the customers expense.


-All images created & captured by White Edge Media shall remain the property of White Edge Media. All images will be adjusted for exposure, brightness, contrast & sharpness. The Photographer's judgement regarding these corrections and the number of images put forward to the Client for preview shall be deemed correct. Retouching, digital manipulation and artist finishing is available to the client as an option at extra cost.

-Photography may contain flash photography therefore the photographer must be made aware of any guests that may have health implications as a result.


- White Edge Media cannot be held responsible for restrictions placed by the marriage celebrant, church or venue. Nor can we be held responsible for a lack of coverage caused by members of the bridal party or guests being late or not available. For a booking involving a church ceremony or at certain venues, the photographer's/videographer/s movements are sometimes restricted by the official in charge. The area from which the photographer/videographer can cover the ceremony may not be the photographer's/videographer’s choice and the photographer/videographer cannot accept responsibility for any obstructed view should this be the case. White Edge Media does not guarantee any specific image, location or background. N.B. Photo and video coverage ends at the start of the wedding meal and re-commences after the end of the meal.


Colour Matching
- The dyes used for clothing, particularly man-made fibres do not always photograph in the manner in which they appear to eye. When the photographs are printed to produce a pleasing flesh colour some materials may appear incorrect. White Edge Media will endeavour to achieve the closest possible colour match within the limitations of the materials and processes used. It is understood that colour photography & videography is undertaken within the technical limitations of the process and that further colour prints of the same photograph, but in different dimensions or supplied at a different time, may show variations of colours.

-It is your responsibility to obtain any permissions, licences and pay any fees to any venues/locations or entertainers/musicians performing, where filming will take place (if applicable). Unless you advise us otherwise, we will assume all persons attending the wedding have consented to being filmed.

-We respect the wishes and regulations of anyone officiating at the wedding ceremony which may limit where we position cameras and other equipment. There may be other restrictions such as a limit to movement around the venue or certain parts of the ceremony which we are not allowed to film.

-We make every effort to produce a quality film and ensure all our equipment is of the highest quality and regular maintained. We cannot be held responsible for any lighting, sound or interference issues caused by circumstances outside our control. This includes camera/equipment failure, adverse lighting, noise issues and restrictions imposed by venues.

-We use our professional expertise and discretion to ensure that significant parts of the day are recorded. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to record every aspect of the day as filming takes place 'live'. We retain artistic licence.

-We aim to be as discreet as possible during the day and work alongside the official photographer/videographer. We follow the events of the day as they happen and therefore, are not in control of the setting. This may lead to some images being in high shadow/contrast or partial/temporary obstruction of subjects being photographed/filmed or issues of low/mumbled/no sound. We may be unable to take footage if the official photographer/videographer is not willing to cooperate when they are working.

-We do not usually film during the wedding breakfast and whilst we will not join the reception guests, we would ask that refreshments are provided for the photographer/s/videographer/s during this time. In this way we can remain on site.

-Whilst we aim to film as much as possible during the day, we cannot guarantee a minimum amount of footage that will be taken on the day or a minimum length for a couple’s film, this is due to the ‘live-event’ nature of the day and the unique structure of each individual wedding.

-The Client gives the Photographer/videographer the right to take photographs/videos at the Wedding. The Client shall assist and cooperate with the Photographer/videographer in obtaining the desired photographs/clips, including but not limited to specifying persons and/or scenes to be photographed/filmed, taking time to pose for photographs/videos at the Photographer’s/videographer’s direction, providing a person to guide the Photographer/videographer to desired persons and/or scenes, pre-shoot consultations, etc. The Photographer/videographer shall not be responsible for photographs/videos not taken as a result of the Client’s failure to provide reasonable assistance or cooperation.

- If there is any particular music you would like to be included in your film please let us know before your wedding day. We will advise you if there are any particular issues with your choice. If no specific music is requested, we will choose appropriate music.

-We aim to have a copy of the final film available for you within 90 working days of your wedding day. However, our usually turn around is 12 weeks (60 working days), this is only a guide as a quality product is important for both us and you.

-You must notify us in writing (email or letter) within 7 days of receipt of the final USB/Online Link of any faults or playback issues and we will make every reasonable attempt to resolve them. Should we not hear from you within 7 days we will assume you are happy with the USB/Online Link.

-All editing decisions are to the videographer’s discretion. The videographer will retouch, digitally manipulate and finish the videos according to his/her own discretion. We advise couples to watch examples of our work online at www.whiteedgemedia.couk, including the full film example, to familiarise themselves with our style of work. We will of course do our utmost to include suggestions and ideas from couples, providing these are made in writing (letter or email) and before the wedding day, however, we cannot guarantee that they will be included.

-All main wedding films, regardless of package, are edited in the ‘short-form’ style and again couples are advised to read the information on the website ( to familiarise themselves with this style. Films can be edited with a ‘traditional edit’ if we are notified in writing (letter or email) before the wedding day. Couples are advised however, that the content, style and amount of footage recorded on the day is the same with both edits.
The deemed quality of the work from White Edge Media is shown within the online portfolio. Couples are advised to look at this portfolio to understand the quality that is deliverable. Individuals or couples cannot say the quality is not up to standard if meets the requirements of the White Edge Media portfolio.  

-White Edge Media retains copyright of all materials recorded by them and it is not our policy to offer the raw footage to couples or third parties.

-All other re-edits or any additional changes will be charged at the rate of £30.00 per hour of editing time.


- White Edge Media may display any photographs/videos included in this contract in their/his/her studio, website, portfolio, literature, display areas, exhibitions, competitions, advertising or any media platform online and offline.

Wedding Arrangements
- The details of the wedding arrangements are as detailed on the Wedding Booking Form attached. The Client shall notify the Photographer/Videographer of any changes to these details in writing. The Photographer/s/Videographer/s cannot be held liable for delays or disruption in their delivery of the service until any changes are received and acknowledged in writing.

- In the unlikely event of the assigned Photographer/Videographer being unable to attend your wedding due to unforeseen circumstances, we reserve the right to appoint another photographer/videographer to attend your wedding on our behalf to undertake the wedding photography to his/her best ability. We will not be liable for any further damages.
- We are not liable for any failure or delay in performing our obligations where such failure or delay results from any cause that is beyond the reasonable control. Such causes include, but are not limited to:

  1. Power failure, Internet Service Provider failure, industrial action, civil unrest.

  2. Weather conditions (rain, fog,  sleet, hail, or any adverse condition that is not consistent with the prescribed shooting conditions desired by the Client).

  3. Injury, illness, or absence of client-­‐supplied elements (e.g. key talent, color correct products).              

  4. “Force majeure” (meaning but not limited to, fire, storms, earthquakes, acts of terrorism, riot fire, flood, volcanic eruption, acts of war, governmental action, strikes, labor unrests, civil authority, and acts of God).       

  5. Or any other event that is beyond the control of the party in question. If the delay continues for a period of 90 days, either of us may terminate or cancel the Services to be carried out under these Terms and Conditions.

  6. COVID – 19 related restrictions.

If a technical error occurs during filming of Client’s event: for example, if their ceremony is not recorded a partial refund will be issued to them. If other parts of their day are missed, a partial refund to the value of that section of video will be refunded.

-Weather permitting, images will be taken as agreed with the client. In the event of rain, snow or any form of weather disturbances, White Edge Media will make the necessary changes to the photographic session and will not be responsible for any disappointment caused by the weather. However, White Edge Media with the co-operation of the client will do their best to produce coverage of the wedding within the time allocated to them.

- In the unlikely event of complete equipment failure or other circumstances outside our control which means we are unable to film your wedding you will receive a full refund. We will not be liable for any further damages.

If a technical error occurs during filming of Client’s event: for example, if their ceremony is not recorded a partial refund will be issued to them. If other parts of their day are missed, a partial refund to the value of that section of video will be refunded.

-Weather permitting, images will be taken as agreed with the client. In the event of rain, snow or any form of weather disturbances, White Edge Media will make the necessary changes to the photographic session and will not be responsible for any disappointment caused by the weather. However, White Edge Media with the co-operation of the client will do their best to produce coverage of the wedding within the time allocated to them.

-While attending meetings with clients and attending the wedding day White Edge Media will adhere to the Government guidance on social distancing. This being staying 2metres apart at all times or 1metre apart with the correct PPE.
- White Edge Media will not be liable for the client breaking this guidance.
- White Edge Media must be contacted in writing if any guests show symptoms 5-7 days prior to the wedding date.
- White Edge Media will inform the client if any of its team show symptoms 5-7 days prior to the date in question.

White Edge Media Copyright Terms
- At White Edge Media we find it only fair to outline the basics of our copyright terms. Like most Photographers/Videographers we hold all copyrights to anything produced or taken by us, but we feel it is only fair to not only give our clients the freedom to get the photographs printed off where they want but also to opt out of any use their photos and video may be used for, as we respect that not everyone wishes for their personal memories to be published.

-White Edge Media holds all copyrights on all photographs and video taken. Therefore, the client has no rights to sell, re produce or advertise using any photos or video taken without written consent from White Edge Media.

-White Edge Media reserves the right to use photographs/Video footage taken on their website, Facebook page, portfolio etc, for advertising purposes. (although the client has the right to opt out of this without reason).

-Clients receive a single copy with any package of all photos/ footage taken for personal use by client i.e. viewing, printing (for personal use), use on social networking sites (personal use not advertising) (White Edge Media must be contacted before any copy of CD-ROM or DVD's are produced or distributed. White Edge Media can produce more copies for you and family at an additional cost).

-White Edge Media reserves the right to sell any photographs/videos captured and recorded. (although we will contact the client to whom the photograph was taken for before any decision is made. The client may then request to opt out).

-All information data collected on clients of White Edge Media is protected and will not be passed on or sold to other companies and will only be used by White Edge Media to advertise to past client on OUR offers. (client can opt out of this service at any point).


Terms of delivery
-Videos are filmed using HD/4K technology and will be provided online via downloadable link. Alternative arrangements can be made if requested.

-Clients’ finished video will be available online (as a private link) for them to review and approve within 12 weeks of the service date but this can be longer during peak times. Once Clients have received their email link to their video, they have 7-days to approve the video. Should any changes be requested, they must email the filmmaker/White Edge Media with the detailed changes. If the filmmaker/White Edge Media does not hear from Clients within 7-days, they/he/she will despatch the video “as is”.

- Clients will receive a 4-10minute highlight film in the short form style unless otherwise stated and agreed upon in writing.

Copyright Music Recording Licence
-The MCPS Music licence that Clients will receive entitles White Edge Media to film their event and record hymns or any music played at their wedding ceremony, by their band, DJ or otherwise.

It is the client’s responsibility to obtain all relevant licenses/consents for filming and the use of any music or other copyright before filming can proceed. Please visit  and choose MCPS & PPL licence for under 25 minutes.


Health and Safety
- We will work with Health and Safety issues in mind and reserve the right not to film in dangerous or unsafe situations.



By submitting the provided form, I agree I have read and fully understand the schedule and terms of agreement of this Contract shown above and realise that this contract becomes effective immediately. I agree that cancellation rates will apply in case of any cancellation by me.

This contract may be subject to change, any changes will be made in writing and explained before being made.

This contract is correct as of 24th March 2021.

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