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VW Caddy Maxi MICRO CADDY CAMPER Van Build Full Timelapse

How to guide coming soon but check out our video and products below!

In 2020 we converted an ex-British Gas 2015 Volkswagen Caddy Maxi, turning it into a complete camper for weekend getaways. In this video we go through the stages of insulating the van, ply lining the van, painting the callipers, building a pull out bed and carpeting the walls (with a few trips thrown in).

Looking back over this video fills us with such a sense of pride - but also it's crazy to see just how much work goes into a van build. Thank you again to everyone who's followed us along this journey and given us all the advice and encouragement we've needed. We can't wait to get away in the van again and show you the trips we have! So in the meantime, here is our journey over the summer of 2020!

We spent a while researching the best methods for the conversion and thought we'd share our process to help others. If you want to convert a van on a budget then this is the video for you. In total I only spent around £300 for the conversion. If you have any questions drop me a line in the comments. Thanks to @Mat Armstrong and @Dan Chambers for giving me the inspiration to start filming after I found their channels in March 2020.

Here is my channel wish list if you would like to show some support in purchasing some tools or items, it is gratefully appreciated.

Products used for van conversions, (Please let me know in the comments if links are broken.)

The Van Conversion Bible -

Sound Deadening



Aluminium Tape

4 Way Stretch Carpet


Double Sided Tape

Wind Deflectors

Seat Covers

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Icy Vindur by Himitsu​ Promoted by MrSnooze​

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Cease by Himitsu​

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