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Volkswagen 1.6TDI Caddy Maxi Injector ISSUES!

I tell you about the issues, faults and problems with the original injectors in the VW 1.6TDI engines. These injectors a known to fail and can be a costly fix. Something to check out when buying a TDI engine typically found in the VW caddy's.

The old 3L130277B injector type from the 1.6 TDI CAY engine has a known issue with the piezoelectric actuator, the small capsule on top where the electrical connector is located. The stack of piezoelectric crystals tended to crack/break, reducing its electrical resistance from between 180-210 kiloohms to 5 kohms or less (I measured 4.7 kohm on a faulty injector and 5 ohms on another). Open circuit would also indicate failure. Electrical resistance is not how this works, but measuring it is a reliable way of telling if the stack is mechanically broken or not.

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