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How To Fit VAN-X CURTAINS On A VW Caddy Maxi!

In this video I'll show you how to fit Van-X curtains onto your VW caddy or any van you have! These are the curtains designed for the rear barn doors, however the process will be similar on every van-X curtain and every van. These are great curtains and I would highly recommend buying them for your van!

You will need the following tools:

• Drill

• Phillips Screwdriver

• Tape Measure

• Hacksaw.


1. Carefully unpack the curtains - Please do not use a knife or a sharp blade.

2. Measure the window frame and cut the bottom rail accordingly. The rails are slightly flexible and can be bent to fit the contour/corners of the window if required but please allow for this in your measurements. Our Plastic Bending tool can help you with this. Simply screw the tool down to a piece of wood or a workbench. Then feed the rail through and gently pull to bend. Repeat the process for the top rail. Please Note: Window sizes can vary so please make sure you measure for the top and the bottom rails individually. THE FLAT RAILS MUST FIT, JUST ABOVE/BELOW THE GLASS, WITHIN THE WINDOW FRAMES.

3. Decide where you would like your screws to go and drill the holes accordingly. These holes need to be made in the widest channel of the rail. Now fix your screws into the rails and the metal frame. We recommend that you use 4-5 screws per rail. Please note: When attaching the rails to the metal frame please make sure the edge with the widest channel is facing the window.

4. FOR VOLKSWAGEN TRANSPORTER T4 MODELS ONLY (BARN DOOR WINDOWS), Please make sure that the widest channel is positioned away from the window for the bottom rail. This is simply to allow some space when carefully removing a notch for the door lock. (If required, carefully cut this out with a pair of snips/ hacksaw.) – Please refer to the image below to see an example how it should fit around the lock.

5. You are now ready to attach your curtains. We recommend that you slide 4-5 hooks along your top rail making sure that the poppers are on the outer side of the material. You may want to attach one end cap to each rail at this point to stop the curtain sliding out.

6. Gently stretch the curtain and fit the 4 or 5 opposite hooks to the bottom rail. It is easier if you have someone to help you by holding the top end of the curtain in place (These van-x curtains are designed to stretch).

7. Continue the process until all the hooks are fitted through the rail. (The result of the curtain hooks all slid inside both rails can be seen in the image below.)

8. At this point, make sure that you have fitted all of the end caps to the rails.

9. Now that the curtains are fitted, look at both the ends of the curtain with the poppers facing the outer edges as these need to be attached to the side of the window frame. To fit the 8 male poppers please fix where necessary with a rivet or the last remaining 8 screws included in this kit. (Please view the image below for an example how the male poppers at the side of the window frame align with the female popper off the curtains.)

10. There are 2 tie-backs supplied within the kit, these are used to attach around the curtains so they stay in place on their own.

11. Your new Van-X Curtains are now ready!

You can buy the curtains here,

Products used for van conversions, (Please let me know in the comments if links are broken.)

Sound Deadening



Aluminium Tape

4 Way Stretch Carpet


Double Sided Tape

Wind Deflectors

Seat Covers

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