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Carpeting Our VW Caddy Camper | 4 Way Stretch Carpet!

How to guide coming soon but check out our video and products below!

We carpet the back of our VW Caddy Maxi with 4 way stretch carpet! We decided after a few months that we would carpet over the ply wood in the back of our van. We thought the plywood looked great and gave the van a nice and simple finish but it always looked a bit half done and not very cosy. We decided that carpeting over the plywood would hopefully fix this problem and make the van feel nicer.

We went ahead and bought the carpet off amazon and started fixing it to the walls. At first we forgot that you have to spray both the plywood and the carpet and therefore the wall of carpet didn't stick as well as it should have. Along with this I think we were scared to pull the carpet hard and fully stretch it so we ended up with a few creases. But again this could be because we were sticking the carpet over the thermowarp which wasn't solid. All in all, the carpet has turned out great and has vastly improved the feel of the van! We would definitely recommend carpeting the back of your van if you are currently doing one.

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Products used for van conversions, (Please let me know in the comments if links are broken.)

Sound Deadening



Aluminium Tape

4 Way Stretch Carpet


Double Sided Tape

Wind Deflectors

Seat Covers

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Icy Vindur by Himitsu

Promoted by MrSnooze

License: CC BY 3.0

Cease by Himitsu Promoted by MrSnooze

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